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Auction Sites – eBay Alternatives

On this first part we have our quick guide to our favorite online bidding websites and favorites in each category.  I have been doing auctions for a long time now and hopefully you find this information valuable if you’re interested in the same.

We also have other lists you can use the navigation on the top for each category.  Were trying to provide the best information for buyers and sellers on where the best online bidding sites are.  We search the web through forums, user feedback, survey’s and more to keep you up to date on users favorite websites and more.  We love your feedback and please contact us with your favorite spots to shop or sell.  Also if you want to learn more about ebay like places you can check out types of auctions at  Many of these have as good if not better options for buyers and sellers.  Have a look around and we enjoy your feedback to make a better more useful website for everyone. We try to keep this updated regularly.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Are There Any Other Websites Like eBay?

We have heard questions like these and so we put together a list of alternatives for people below, if you’re looking for other online auctions have a look, let us know if you use other websites or have any suggestions.

Our Favorite Among Bidding Sites On The Web.


List of Auction Sites Other Than eBay

I have been doing auctions for a long time now and wanted to share a list I compiled.  Here is our big list of the best auction sites other than ebay and their traffic stats.  There are some good gems out there that have pretty good traffic and less competition with less fees.  Here are some up and comers that are gaining momentum  with buyers and sellers.  Were providing some stats as well as reputation and recommendations from full-time buyers and sellers.

webstore_logo is a great alternative to ebay, they have all their listings free and the advertisers  pay the fees.  It has been around for awhile now and they are growing in popularity.  It has a simple straight forward interface and has a good user base.  You can’t beat free! once you check it out I bet you will love it….The nice thing I noticed is when I listed an item that didn’t sell they re-list it automatically 9 times, gotta love that part.

Registration – Free

Traffic Stats

Last Month – Traffic: 28k Unique Visitors a month (counts each visitor once, not each time they visit)


Yearly Change: Webstores traffic for the year is up 135% from last year, which is a good indicator of growing popularity.

Monthly Change: Steady in traffic.



bonanza is a great site that has had a lot of promotion and money put into it, it has a lot more traffic than webstore and you can see some great results from it.  Many sellers are happy with this site and you can add listings for free, they also have upgraded memberships.  The customer service and management is really good and will answers your questions quickly, that is a big plus for sellers.

Registration – Free

Traffic Stats

Last Month – 907k Unique Visitors (counts each visitor once and not each time they visit)

Yearly Change: Traffic up 113 Thousand Percent from Last Year.

Monthly Change: Up 16%

They also have a good referral commission, starting at 7% and going up to 15%.  You send them traffic and you can earn a commission of of products bought.




eCrater is the largest auction website next to ebay, it has a good source of traffic.   Many people like it because it is free, the only downside is there are no extra options to add on.  Like bold title or other listing options other sites have.  But eCrater is another big tool for sellers and buyers.

Registration – Free

Traffic Stats

Last Month – 382k unique visitors…They are up and down as far as traffic goes but a decent crowd.

Yearly Traffic Change –  Down 10%

Monthly Traffic Change – down 8%




ebid is a great alternative to ebay. they have a good following and to signup and register is free.   Another great advantage over ebay is that you can list items for FREE in over 10,000 categories which gives you a higher profit margin.  Users can use paypal, google checkout and   You dont need to but you can upgrade to a to a lifetime account for a one time fee of $49.99 for lifetime and that gives you no final value  fee.  The final value fee for ebid is 3% (ebay and others are more than double that).  They have other options if you want, you can bold your title for 7 cents, display on the homepage for $2.50, feature your item in a category for $1 and other low cost options to stand out.

Sellers that join the Sellers+ account ($49.99 lifetime) get up to 5 different seller stores with no extra fees and can order more for $1.99 a month.

Registration – Free

Traffic Stats

61K- Unique Visits for the Month.

Yearly Traffic Change – Up 1.5% for the Year

Monthly Traffic Change – Down 9% for the Month

Some other auction sites to mention are below along with their unique visitors (counting a person only once even if they return) traffic per month:



    Traffic – 130,791K – $8 a month but.

    Online auction is free to bid or buy and has a monthly fee but it’s nice because it doesn’t have any final value fees.  They have a little “fun pack” they give you when you signup that has some goodies and information about selling and buying.
    – 229,292k – Free to register with them.
    – 31,820k – Free registry and a decent online auction site.
    (Uk website like eBay) – 20,729k
    – 598k – The official website for goodwill.  Good place with a lot of visitors.
    – 1,792 – Upperbid is a US auction site that is good for those that like to buy things from the US
    – 9,279k – Wensy is a good totally free online auction site.  You can get some good purchases and it’s good for selling with less competition.
    – 20,913k – They are a family owned website and have unique things like vintage postcards, antiques and paper with a decent amount of traffic.
    – 20,913k – They are a family owned website and have unique things like vintage postcards, antiques and paper with a decent amount of traffic.
    – 12k – I’m surprised by the amount of traffic a month they get, the site is pretty basic .  Everything is free except they take 2.5$ of the final value.   It seems like you can get the featured listing on their main page pretty cheap and have a good amount of eyeballs on your stuff.
    Have a look around our website and you can find some more useful information.I’ll leave you with this video that might help you.

    Tips and Advice Video – You Can Apply These to Auctions in General





The Real Schindler’s List is Now on eBay for Sale

shinlers list ebay


If you have money in your pocket to burn and love history, this is the auction for you.   This is the original Shindler’s list, not the movie.   This thing is starting off at 3 million, you can see the actual auction listing here.   It’s one of 4 copies left known and it’s an original.

This copy of the list, which is responsible for saving over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust, comes from the family of Itzhak Stern – Oskar Schindler’s accountant and friend.

If you’re not aware of the story or need a refresher here is some info about it.

Oskar Schindler is credited with saving the lives of at least 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them at his factories, which made enamelware and ammunitions. At first, his connections helped him protect his workers from internment in Nazi concentration camps. But after a while, he could only maintain their safety through bribes. By the end of the war, Schindler had spent most of his money on bribes to protect the Schindlerjuden.

In 1944, with the help of a Jewish ghetto police officer, his secretary Mietek Pemper, and Stern, Schindler compiled the famous list, which contained 1,200 names of workers he would transport with him to a new factory. The list would ultimately save them from near-certain death.

I remember the story from High School and how powerful that message is, what a great man and story to go along with it.